"The Norwegian Telecom group Telenor has had the pleasure of collaborating with the Ergo;ego group for close to twenty years. They have become our trusted go to - deliverers for many aspects of communication trainings and programs. Their deliveries for us include Top Management trainings, Expert development, Trainee programs and individually tailored large group deliveries for leaders. We ve even used them to train our own international team of trainers. 


 Among the methodologies we particularly enjoy from this exceptional team, is forum theatre, experiential learning and one on one coaching. We would safely recommend their services to anyone who is interested in a solid yet playful super - efficient learning experience. « 

- Cristina Rynning , VP Expert Development, Global Competence & Development, Telenor ASA

During 2016-2018 Ergo;ego worked with Telenor Group, Eastern Europe Cluster, an Integrated, high-impact Leadership and Change Management Programme called “Firestarters” and “Firekeepers”. This was an Executive Leadership Training Programme designed for the top 200 leaders of Telenor’s East European Business Units, featuring Bulgaria especially. This special Leadership Programme design was created to help the leaders steer their businesses through the uncertain times the telecom market is going through. 


Through designing and delivering a blend of “live” face to face experience-based modules, actively engaging and challenging interim work, and carefully crafted facilitations throughout, we lifted the leaders skillset in three major ways: 


  1. We helped them address their own issues of self-management, dealing with stress and a sense of overwhelm, and getting them clear on their goals and purpose.

  2. We created a team of storytelling leaders, who knew the power of conveying meaning and belief and remaining people-centric in their communication with their teams.

  3. We helped create teams that knew how to tap into each other’s strengths and help each other with their individual and team challenges. The leaders grew more open and honest with each other, and integrated a new level of performance feedback to their skillset as leaders for the company. 


The Programme comprised three core modules, with a complementary blend of theory, exercises, demonstrations, tips and techniques.


The results were remarkable. A few months prior to the programme and a few months after, the company completed a performance survey. The leaders all took a leap upwards in their scores as to how their subordinates felt led by them after our process was finished, and the business units scored visibly higher than other comparative business units. 


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